Gratitude: Sweet Thank Yous

Gratitude: Sweet Thank Yous


This week I want to say big thank yous to YOU!


Writing my thoughts used to trigger my anxiety a lot. Now, I get into the practice of calming groundedness (I will share how I do this in a later post).


Today and forever more - I am grateful for your all your comments and replies.


I appreciate you.





Here are a few of the many responses I’ve received over the past weeks:



❤️ - Jessica
I just love YOU thank you for sharing your stories ❤ - Deborah
Your email was super charming and thought provoking - Rudy
Hi Vee, I’m so glad that you have entered into this journey of self care. It’s so difficult for west Indian women to care about themselves when they were taught always to care for others. - Loretta
Thank you for sharing your journey. I too am on my healing journey. It has been painful but also empowering. I don’t feel alone. Welcome back. - Melissa
Hey Vee. Just read your blog and I am glad you are finding your way again. I've been doing the therapy for a while now and the self-compassion thing is still an issue especially since I'm on almost year 2 of long covid. We got to take things one day at a time and heal. When you're back with your soaps I'll be on board again. I still use the soap racks and carrying bag. Have a peaceful weekend.  - N.
 yes to all of this the self work is not glamorous nor is it always for public consumption. I send hugs to you across state lines for all the falling apart and together you have been and are doing. It’s a process … your process and i encourage you to continue to honor it all. Therapy in the traditional sense ain’t for everyone. However we all need something healing in our lives and often that comes through surrendering to being open for help. Honored to read what you share. - Rene


Thank you again. Your kind words, encouragement or sending good thoughts my way is healing.  I pray that my words continue to bless and add healing energy to your life as well 🌹

Keep them coming!



What you appreciate, appreciates. And I appreciate you! 🙏🏾

Have the best weekend.





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