Suddenly, Everything In My Life Changed The Minute I...

Suddenly, Everything In My Life Changed The Minute I...

Became honest with self.


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It was 2018. I was in bed all day. Depressed.

TV wasn't my thing at the time, but there was something about Iyanla Fix My Life that had me glued to every episode.

It was the way she called her guests to the front of the line and wanted them to speak their truths.
And I, on the other side of the screen taking it all in - linking each episode to my life.

That one evening in 2018, I decided to watch an episode in which she asked her guest, "Are you at rock bottom?"

It was a question that stood out to me.

I paused the episode, opened my journal, and asked myself said question. Immediately, I said YES.

This was the minute that my life shifted. That honest minute that changed everything in my life. 


Being honest with ourselves is like a light in the darkness.

Since I was at rock bottom, there was nowhere else to go - but up! I asked myself, "What is the next step up? What is the next step I can take to relieve or heal these feelings of sadness, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, mania, and depression?


It took a minute (meaning a week or so) to get past thinking about the sessions I had in the past, sessions that weren't impactful at the time.

I picked up the phone and asked my doctor to connect me with a therapist. Let me tell you. I prayed and prayed that I would connect with the right one.

I was connected with Dr. M., who helped me shift my life from depression to joy, from victimhood to standing in my power, showing me I had to strengthen my boundaries and allowing me to see my light without her taking over.

I will also give myself credit because if I was not honest with where I was (and thank God for that episode) I would have been stuck in a place of sadness.

Fast forward. I am happy - mentally, spiritually, physically.

Looking back on this journey from then to now I can strongly say , I value honest conversations with self, feeling supported, feeling at peace, and the feeling of safety...
 I would have not known or experienced these feelings of peace, support, safety... without that one honest moment I had with myself. 

Sometimes, being honest with yourself can feel terrifying.


  • So many thoughts come to mind when we consider being honest with ourselves and others.

Sometimes we block, avoid, become critical or blame instead of being open, vulnerable and honest with self - costing us healing and connection. 


Take one step, take a deep breath, and know that you are advocating for yourself. Your relationship with yourself is an important one dear heart. And if you love yourself you will tell yourself the truth.

Allow being honest with self to be the light that guides you in your healing journey.


I pray you got at least one thing you can add to your life.
Know that you are loved and worthy, in this very moment. 







Photo by Aaron Burden

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  • And there she is 😍. Grateful for your share.

    Rene on
  • I just love YOU thank you for sharing your stories ❤

    Deborah on

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