What Age Would You Want To Be Forever? Here's Mine...

What Age Would You Want To Be Forever? Here's Mine...


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The smell of varnish on a newly built bar my father made for the house

My lunch kit packed with love 

New hair ribbons with slightly burnt edges to prevent them from fraying 

My frilly socks that sagged at the end of the school day

My trusty umbrella with strawberry shortcake figures - protecting me from the rain

Everyone calling me "big eye"

The smell of rain on the earth

Flowers and large butterflies dancing in the cool winds

Life in the hills where plants attached themselves onto anything and grew everywhere.






Life at 5 felt pure and innocent. If I could stay at one age forever it would be this.


I'm 43 now, and whenever it rains, I still experience those feelings of safety and love.

I still have my trusty umbrella, an adult version - without strawberries and shortcakes.

Whenever I'm feel raw and exposed, I think of the rain and the sound on my umbrella. It's just so calming for my sensitive nerves, and I'm really grateful for that.






Prompts to ponder on:

"Imagine being able to stay at one age for the rest of your life. If you could pick just one age, which would you choose and why?"


Are there joyous moments in your childhood you can recall? One where you felt safe and loved? 

If not, how do you cultivate feelings of safety and love in your life today? 



In this moment, I am sending your nervous system feelings of ease, safety and love.


Thank you for reading and listening.


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